Benelli TNT150

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The new Benelli TNT150

    Today we have a motorcycle Benelli TNT 150 I, whose characteristics and shape are very beautiful, Benelli is overtaking itself in the market and almost is the strongest competitor now for economic groups after its failure to compete in the large-capacity liter motors such as the 600 and 900 cc ..
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 Benelli TNT 150

  • Strong competition from Benelli ….
        Today Benelli released a motorcycle, which is a very strong competitor, not only for Chinese companies, but for  Japanese companies. We will also compete with the products (Yamaha FZ 150cc)  , (Suzuki Gixxer 150cc  )  , (Apache RTR 160)  and (Honda CB Hornet 160R) in the economic category of 150cc and L200 CC Violin …
  • Pike shape …
       As Tbes p motorcyclist time Allaoly Hfkr form of benelli tnt 25 the same pipes Alfolazeh coated red balloon and shape sports all this Haievkirk Bal tnt 25  Bs Do you Hikon specifications Cuesh ever form nor loyalty ,,  the Almighty Nbes specifications ..
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Benelli TNT 150
  • Pike Specifications:
Chassis: steel tubes
Engine: single cylinder 
Motor capacity: 148 cc
Horse Power: 11.40 hp at 7,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 10.70 Nm at 6,500 rpm
Number of cylinders:  1 
Compression ratio: 9.2: 1
Bore:  57.0 mm
Speeds: 5 speeds 
Cooling: Carburettor is air cooled and injections  cooled with oil  . 
Fuel injection system: It has two copies, an Injection and the second, a carbater
Gasoline tank capacity: 13.50 liters 
Signals and lights: LED
Counter: Digital
Start of operation: electric 
Front brakes:  one disc and operate with a cbs system
Rear brakes: one disc operated with a cbs system
Tire tire:  100 / 80-17
Back  tire : 130 / 70-17
Vape: from aluminum 
Front assistants: upside down assistants
Back assistant: one gas assistant under the chair 
Dimensions and weight
Total length:  2080 mm
Overall width:  810 mm


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