Satin Hair 7 Satin Brown. Accuracy of the hairstyle with fine glossy hair thanks to active ions.
Ionic Technology: Nourish your hair with ions.
Ionic Technology: Nourish your hair with ions.
With each pass on your hair, millions of active ions are released to dispose of static electricity charges from traditional hand tools. It gives your hair a more level and consistent appearance.
Advanced temperature control screen
15 Preparation for temperature and accuracy of 100% styling. The temperature that has been proven to be effective in the health of your hair is chosen.
Mobile Panels
Faster styling and more regular results.
Nanoglide plates of pure porcelain 100%
Three-times better laminated panels than other conventional panels for easier and easier hair styling for better results and protection from damage.
Increase temperature button
For precise hair styling.
Cooling head
For safe use and ease of styling. A great tool for getting hair curls and curls.
Temperature range
130- 200 ° C
Heating time
40 seconds
Memory to store selected temperatures
Automatic stop
Cable length is 2 meters


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