Fresh Hummer Hydraulic Cooker Stainless Touch 90 cm

13.532,00 EGP

Are you looking for the features and characteristics of the Fresh Hummer Hydraulic Stainless Gas Cooker 90 cm?


This cooker is characterized by many wonderful specifications that facilitate the cooking process a lot, such as the feature of graduated valves to control the power of the flame and the feature of the hydraulic door . Enjoy an easy-to-clean full glass door when you buy this cooker, which features a closed grilling system .


Buy Fresh Hummer Hydraulic Stainless Touch Cooker 90 cm at a great price and enjoy the best cooking experience with Fresh Hummer Hydraulic Stainless Touch Cooker 90 cm when using the first cooker in Egypt.

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Product details

The number of burners5 burners
External warranty7 years
Internal warranty7 years
Type of primersSelf
Pregnant typeblossom
Oven fanYes
Combustion chambersYes
TimerDigital Touch
Model nameHummer Stainless Hydraulic
Product Code500006370
Warming trayYes
the colorStainless
Height85 cm
Show90 cm
The depth60 cm


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