Explanation of the specifications of the Royal 5000 Plan, the features of the device from thousands to Z, the

Royal 5000 Plan
from thousands to Z, and the numbers, the
advantages of this device are 28 features, they are
Internet sharing receiver with FTA
1- A receiver that works on the most widespread Newcomed protocol, G-share, G-share 2 and up to 40 servers (40 Port
2- Supports all types of encryption
3- It has an ETHERNET card entry from the back
4- The possibility of sharing without the need for a computer
5- Adding the server data by computer or manually via the remote control
6- Preserving the server data, whether making a reset Factory or Software
7- A one-year warranty
8- Explanations for everything you need for the device, such as the Gold v1 device Tammn
9- Provided with a serial bus (USB) in the front
10- Watching pictures, listening to MP3, and watching movies directly from (USB) via a flash memory
11- The possibility of recording directly on the flash memory or hard (USB) for open and encrypted channels
12- The possibility of recording from a channel and watching another channel
13- Equipped with a built-in camera that works on it The following systems:
Irdeto x-crypt, Vicaccess dreamcrypt, Cryptoworks, Conax AS
14- Storage capacity 5000 channels – 90 satellite – 4000 frequency
15- Upgrading the receiver by cable (RS232) or by flash memory (USB)
16- The possibility of dividing the screen Up to 16 images
17- Downloading the latest software without a computer in less than a minute via USB flash memory
18- The possibility of operating the tele ****
19- The possibility of modifying channels by deleting, moving and closing channels and verifying the signal
20- Image resolution 4: 3 LetterBox, 4: 3 PanScan, 16: 9
21- Stereo, Dual channel, Joint stereo, Mono
22- The device flash type 39VF3201
23- The device RAM from SAMSUNG
24- The Conexant
25 processor- Supports Twain and micro properties, Master and Slav works with one card
26- Supports translation on the supporting channels for that
28- The device is descending in the bot 121 means it accepts the direct conversion of all gold transfers and supports free shipping


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