SHARP Air Conditioner 3HP Cool
Cooling Capacity : 23000 ( BTU/H )
Inverter Technology :
Advanced Technology Contribute To Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption By Switching the Compressor Between High and Low Operation Modes Instead Of Switching It On and Off
Digital Display : Temperature Setting Display On IDU
Plasma Cluster Ion :
Sharp’s Unique Plasma Cluster Technology Uses The Actions Of Positive and Negative Ions To Clean Up Bacteria and Viruses Inside Rooms.
Auto Clean Function : With Plasma Cluster
Super Jet Function :
The Air Conditioner Works At Maximum Power To Make The Room Cool Rapidly.
COANDA : Delivers Gentle Cool Air Up Through Ceiling Than Down Through The Floor To Prevent The Conditions Are Too Cold.
Four Way Swings : Louvers Can Move Up and Down , Left and Right Automatically.
Other Features and Functions :-
Dry Function
Automatic Operation Function
24 Hour ON/OFF Timer
LCD Wireless Remote Controller
Using Environmentally Friendly Freon ( R410A )
Wide Horizontal Louver
Single Rotary Compressor
Tropical Compressor
Anti-Corrosion ( Outdoor Side )
Low Noise
My Area Function
AUTO Restart Function
Low Voltage
Rating Voltage : 220-240 Volt
Rating Frequency : 50 Hz
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) mm :-
Indoor Unit : 1122 x 327 x 259
Outdoor Unit : 890 x 800 x 320
Net Weight :-
Indoor Unit : 15
Outdoor Unit : 49
Pipes Connection Length :-
Standard : 3 Meter
Maximum : 15 Meter


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