Solar Lightening Systems “GD-8015”

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Electronic control through the consumption of energy and also ship- ping by microprocessor torch that charges via solar energy Solar cell works by solar lighting indirect and direct Shipping solar energy through digital lighting Minute on a digital circuit control via digital processor Discharge protection of the battery (very slow discharge of the bat- (tery Which prolongs the life of existing energy closed acidic battery of 12-volt modern long life The charging time of 8-9 hours through the solar module cell tourch with LED lamps 12-volt 3 watt lighting capacity oi 490LM instructions 1-start-up 2-USB charging Mobile 3-USB charging fans 4-6 12-volt outlets to run 6 bulbs at the same time 5-radio switch on/ ofi’ 6-MP3 7-Volume down + channel change 8-TF Player 9-Volume up + channel change 10-automatic search + system change ll-solar cell 12-4 bulbs 12 volt 3 watt »

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