Stainless Gas Cooker – 60 * 90 – Fan – Self Ignition – Grill – Oven Bulb – 2010258 – Light Metal Stand

5.625,00 EGP

Grill with swivel skewers Double removable glass door Motor grill technology with direct drive Integrated ignition with timer Digital timer – Timer for temperature – Thermostat to regulate oven temperature Glass cover for burnersSensitive sense inside the oven and the grill automatically separates the gas when the burners are turned off Digital food sensor shows the temperature Heat: 4 fans to distribute the heat inside the oven, in addition to a fan to cool the surface, keys and doors, full of burners, advanced internal lighting, highest insulation to maintain the temperature, separate keys for the oven and grill, triple flame, high-capacity with internal and external openings, split 5 levels, the ability to ignite the oven and the grill together, and the door is closed.

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