Tank Counter Top Filter, 3 Stages Extra Pure – With 12 Months Cartridges

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The Tank Filter Three Stages delivers cool, crisp water that is free of germs and other unhealthy sediments. The filter purifies your water in Three stages. In the 1st stage, its unique cellulose fiber five-micron sediment cartridge removes impurities and pests like dust, insects, dust sand and slit. In the 2nd stage, the 1micron carbon ROM film of cellulose fibers, and the inner carbon block instantly absorbs organic materials, chlorine, and its derivatives. Granulated active carbon of the filter absorbs harmful gasses and does a full recheck of the previous two cycles in the 3rd stage.

 Tank Filter 3 stages

1st stage: Cellulose fibers 5-micron sediment cartridge remove rust, impurities, insects, dust, and sand.
2nd Stage: 1 micron and carbon block to absorb chlorine and its derivatives, along with, organic material.
3rd Stage: Granulated active carbon to absorb gasses, if any, besides, any extra chlorine.

 P.P 5 Micron Cartridge

Consists of natural cellulose fiber, 5 microns, to block sand, impurities, dust and rust fibers
The filter cartridge should be replaced every 3 months

 CTO Cartridge

Consists of cellulose fibers, 1 micron, with carbon fibers to ensure the correct functioning of the other two cartridges.
The filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months

 GAC Cartridge

Consists of active granulated carbons, which are mainly responsible for the absorbability of gasses, smells organic material and chlorine.
The filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months
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