Total Core Abdomen Slimming Machine + Free Handle

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Total Core Abdomen Slimming Machine + Free Handle
Total Core
Brand: Profit

Works to lose and tighten the abdominal muscles
A comfortable wide chair for the convenience of the trainee
The back is movable for easy exercise
The back is provided with a wide rollers for back comfort
Digital counter to measure time, number of turns and calories
4-level gradient resistance
Bear high weights

Total Core device, a new revolution in the world of fitness, we exercise 5 minutes a day for two weeks to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, chest and back, remove the rumen is easy and very strong, and exercise sports The total core device works to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back, the total core device allows to strengthen the abdominal muscles without damage, works on tightening.

In order to get rid of the fat around the waist and have a graceful waist, use the Total Core because it is useful and strong for the health of the stomach as it does not cause back and neck pain

Advantages of the Total Core Tummy Tuck Machine:
With Total Core it fulfills your desire for a multi-level device.
It works to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and waist and remove the wrinkles from the body.
It works to prevent the accumulation of fats from the body.
Equipped with different levels of body lift.
Equipped with a sponge system for back and neck water during the exercise process.
Easy to carry and store.

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