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Turntable – Twist device for sculpting the waist .. its benefits and methods of use

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You may have heard of the rotating disk for sculpting the waist or as some know it as a twist device, whatever it is called at the end. The turntable is a sports machine that offers you important benefits for your body. You need it, but do you know how to use the rotating disk? Is it only used to sculpt the waist? Follow with us the following article, dear reader.

The turntable (twist device) is a board that resembles a circular platform on which you stand to perform left and right twisting exercises, and it is more like a rolling board, where the turntable or twist machine exercises the muscles concerned to maintain balance.

You can find these panels in some gyms or use them at home, and you should start exercising at a slow rate and then increase the more you get used to the device.

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The trunk of your body provides you with stability and strength for all the other and different movements that you do, so strengthening your body trunk enables you to excel in different sports in addition to reducing the chances of injury, and what is meant by the trunk here are the spine, hips, abdomen and pelvis.

Twist exercises can help develop muscles in these areas by engaging muscles to help you balance, even as you perform exercises to focus on other specific areas of the body.


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