WW70J3263KW1YL Washing Machine with LED Screen, 7 KG

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  • LED screen
  • Quick Wash (15 minutes)
  • Diamond Basin
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  • Quick Wash (15 minutes)
    Quick Wash (15 minutes)
  • LED screen
    LED screen
  • Diamond Basin
    Diamond Basin

Diamond Basin

The Diamond Basin is characterized by its unique “polished curly” design and flowing diamond-like edges, which makes it gentle and gentle towards your clothes. Its small water exit holes also protect clothes, making them less likely to get tangled and damaged.

Diamond BasinDiamond Basin

* The aquarium image may differ according to different models.

Save time washing small loads

The Quick Wash is the perfect solution for your busy time – helping you clean lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy your time just as it should.

Save time washing small loadsSave time washing small loads

Protection from voltage fluctuations

Volt Control provides surge protection and voltage drop, which means it protects the life of the device. It also stabilizes voltage fluctuations of ± 25% and automatically restarts the machine after a power failure.

Protection from voltage fluctuationsProtection from voltage fluctuations

* Tested on WW60H2200EWDLP in consistency with Common / Normal mode, 1.2 / 50 μs and ± 1 kV to ± 6 kV.

Preset the end time for the wash cycle

The Delay End feature allows you to preset the end time of the wash cycle. The time can be adjusted or delayed by up to 19 hours, so that clothes are not left in the washing machine for longer than necessary.

Preset the end time for the wash cyclePreset the end time for the wash cycle


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